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A: Safety first: read carefully before fitting or using! Your HotGrips must only be connected and turned on when fitted to your handlebars as per the instructions.

Failure to do so could result in an accident or personal injury. Ensure that the throttle operates freely. Ensure that normal operation of the motorcycle is not affected. The Hotgrip cables must not foul or restrict the operation of the brake or clutch levers.

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Check the temperature for suitability before you set off. If the temperature becomes too hot when on the move, pull over safely and turn the temperature down or OFF as appropriate.

Krople multi sottile not leave the motorcycle unattended when the HotGrips are turned on.

The heat regulation is only controlled by the motorcyclist turning the heat controller up or down to suit the ambient weather conditions. If the grips are left turned ON at a high heat setting whilst the motorbike is in a warm garage or in warm ambient conditions, damage to the HotGrips or motorcycle could occur.

Similarly if the Hotgrips are left turned on when fitted inside handlebar muffs the temperatures may rise beyond a safe point and damage or even risk of fire could occur in the most extreme situations. These are designed to be used in cold weather with the rider present. Replace krople multi sottile HotGrips when the pattern of the outer rubber wears away in any one area.

Regularly check the integrity of the attachment and materials of your HotGrips.

Krople multi sottile is limited to the replacement parts of the HotGrips in case of faulty materials or manufacture. The grip has an open end to allow for the bar end weight to be refitted without the need to trim the grip.

If the end of the Hotgrip does need to be trimmed to ensure that a bar-end weight can be fitted without fouling the Hotgrips, then it is advisable to trim up-to the point show in the diagram below. This ensures that the heating elements do not get cut. Model: OF Trim length here Model: OF Trim length here The left and right grip are different sizes: One is designed to fit over the left handlebar and has an internal diameter of approximately 22mm.

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The other fits over the throttle slider on the right handlebar and has a diameter of approximately 25mm. D: Fitting Procedure 1.

Remove the existing handlebar grips.

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Clean the left handlebar ensuring that the bars are smooth and free of glue and residue. The bar should measure a consistent krople multi sottile diameter. If the HotGrips do not slide on easily, check if there is any excess rubber on the inside of the grip which may have seeped through the expansion slot during krople multi sottile.

If so, use a long file and gently remove the excess rubber with the edge of the file. When the right grip is removed there is a nylon throttle slider underneath. This may need to be removed and any raised areas smoothed off to ensure that the diameter is a consistent This often involves filing off the raised ridges that were formed on the throttle slider.

Oxford Hotgrips instructions v. The HotGrips have a unique internal tube that can expand to fit over the handlebar. This makes them easier to fit over handlebars that have inconsistent diameter bars due to manufacturing tolerances. If the grips are too tight to slide on with only gentle effort, do not force them on or damage may occur. Check the dimensions of the handlebars again and adjust as necessary. When sliding the grips onto the handlebars it is possible to twist them into place until they reach the correct finished position.

F: Positioning on handlebars: 1. The throttle grip should rotate freely without obstruction and without stretching or pinching the wires. The ideal fitment position of the grips can vary from bike to bike. We find that an ideal position can be one whereby the wires of the grips sit just below the brake and throttle levers. Throttle open Throttle closed However some people prefer the wire of the grips to sit a safe clearance above the brake and clutch levers so that the wire exits forward and relatively horizontal.

When the throttle is opened the wire will then raise upwards and away from the brake lever. Before removing the grips for the final fitting procedure, it is important to connect the electrical wiring harness to the battery and the grips. With krople multi sottile motorcycle engine running the grips can be switched on to make sure that the grips krople multi sottile as expected.

Failure to do so may invalidate the warranty. G: Final fitting of grips 1. Use the Super glue provided. It has been proven for this application and we cannot guarantee the suitability of an alternative. Barboursville perdita di peso The Superglue will bond skin and eyes in seconds.

Keep out of reach of children. Shield paintwork appropriately.

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Krople multi sottile is to ensure that the grip and glue do not set too early and half way up the throttle slider. We would also recommend to apply a ring krople multi sottile glue around the outer end of the throttle slider as some of this will naturally be drawn up the length of the throttle slider tube.

If however the grip slides easily over the throttle slider then we would recommend krople multi sottile plenty of glue around the whole circumference of the throttle slider to ensure a safe and secure fitment. Be sure to act immediately to wipe away any excess glue with a dry cloth. Allow the glue to dry for at least 24 hours before using.

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Ensure that the grips are firmly fixed in place before use. Do not use if the grip moves and seek advice immediately. H: Wiring Harness Installation 1. Find a suitable location to mount the switch and then take the wiring back to the battery.

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Install the switch in a suitable position ensuring the wires from the grips reach without strain. The switch may be mounted on a flat panel using the self adhesive mounting foam pad. It may also be mounted on the metal bracket supplied if the bracket is suitable for the vehicle. by Oxford Products - Issuu

Please fit the foam pad between the bracket and switch to reduce vibrations. The bracket may also be bent to a different shape if required.

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On many bikes it krople multi sottile possible to fit the bracket to the clutch clamp as shown below using krople multi sottile longer bolts provided. The loom is designed for ease of fitting. There are only 2 wires that need attaching to the motorcycles existing wiring system.

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All other connections are through the multi pin block connectors and cannot be fitted the wrong way. Ensure that the round din plug connector is carefully krople multi sottile and that the arrows on both halves of the casing are lines up before pushing together.

If care is not taken it might be possible to damage the small connecting pins. We recommend that the wiring loom is positioned away from existing wiring looms on the motorcycle to avoid any possible electrical interference issues.

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When the wiring is in position on the motorcycle, we strongly recommend that all connectors are protected with either electrical insulation tape, waterproof sealing tape or heat shrink tubing be careful not to damage the cable when fitting heat shrink. Both the negative and the positive battery connections are fitted with a ring terminal. Krople multi sottile will allow them to be bolted to the battery terminals.

The negative or earth Black wire should be connected to the negative - battery terminal. The control box see drawing below can be positioned under the motorcycle seat or near to the battery. If the switch must be connected to a switched ignition supply feed, please ensure that the wiring harness is connected to main ignition cabling which can take the extra load of up to 4 amps.

Problems are commonly found to be caused when connections are made to horn or any lighting circuits.

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Typical problems experienced could be: - The switch may not come on - Fuses failing in the fuse box - Overheating of wires on the bike - Indicators or lighting malfunctioning If unsure, krople multi sottile contact your local dealer for advice before fitting these Hotgrips.

Refer to the wiring diagram below. Small changes to the ambient temperature will affect the temperature of the HotGrips and it is necessary to adjust the Electronic Heat Controller settings up or down as appropriate.

If the grips are too hot please ensure the heat controller is turned down or even switch it OFF if necessary.